Tuesday, January 27, 2015

De-boxing the Honey Lemon classic doll

I know I promised a short review of Ginger Jones, but I wanted to show you guys some de boxing photos of the Honey Lemon classic doll.  :-). I bought her two days ago at the Disney Store.  I had actually gone in hopes of buying the blue ball gown Cinderella doll, but my DS hasn't gotten their merchandise for the movie in yet, so I bought Honey Lemon instead while I was there.  True fact: if I have money, it's practically impossible for me to go to Disney Store without buying something. ;-). I know, embarrassing.  Honey Lemon had been out of stock for quite a while, and I didn't want to pay shipping to order online, so I thought I'd better snatch her up while she was there.  Not to mention, she's adorable!! :D.

Here's how she looked in the box.

And here's her adorable little face in the box. :-)

Here's the box art of Honey Lemon on the front.  She rather reminds me of Anna in the photo, just like Emily at Toy Box Philosopher said. :-)

And here is her name on the front of the box.

First side of the box.

The back of the box.

Box details on the back.


The price tag, which actually was halfway off by the time I bought her. :P

Here is the other side of the box.  Honey is like "how come you're taking photos of me in the box?  Get me out!" LOL

Here is Honey in the inner box packaging. :-)

Her long legs are pretty wonky.  Her right leg bends out to the side so far that she can't stand up.  And her little foot is twisted too.  But there is no way I'm exchanging her!!  For one thing, I like her the way she is.  And for another, if I did return her, they'd have to repackage her.  And if another person bought her, they'd probably return her, and then she'd never get a nice home. :(.  I know, I think these things over way too much. ;-). Besides, I never ever return dolls for things like that.  :-)

The background of the box shows a faint San Fransokyo. 

Here are her little chem-balls, along with a picture of them with my thumb for size comparison.  Those things are minuscule!!!!  I'm always afraid I'll lose one. :/. But they are super cute, and a great accessory addition.


I had made a short video of me putting one of the chem-balls in the purse, but I can't figure out how to put in on the blog. :/. But just be warned they shoot out the back of the purse very quickly, so be careful using the purse.  It's a a really fun and cute accessory, and it looks almost exactly like the one in the movie. The movie purse doesn't have the bear on it, and the doll purse hasn't got the periodic table on it. I love the purse so much, though! :D 

In short, Honey Lemon is an adorable and very movie-accurate doll, and I am so happy to have her in my collection. :-). 
I'll do an official photo shoot of her later this week.


Monday, January 12, 2015

West Coast Event Exclusives available from Wilde Imagination and Tonner Doll

DISCLAIMER:  All photos belong to Tonner Doll and Wilde Imagination unless otherwise noted.

Well, the West Coast Event exclusives are now available online.  They include:

Wilde Imagination
New Year, New Look (Ellowyne Wilde)

This gal is very sweet, and I adore her outfit, but her face is kinda 'meh' to me.  I'm not sure what it is; she just looks a little blank for my tastes.  It might be that her eyes are a little bigger?  I can't really tell.  I might search for her outfit sometime later on, but I don't think I'd be interested in adding the doll herself to my collection.

Long Ago and Far Away (Evangeline Ghastly)

I'm not an Evie collector, especially because I don't do the 'goth' thing.  Plus, they're pretty expensive. ;-). However, I've seen a few Evies that could have a nice soft look if they were redressed.  I'm awfully tempted to get one of those sometime and make her over into a 1950's girl.  I think she'd look really cute.  But, this Evie has that 'deer caught in the headlights' look that many of them have (which I don't care for). Also, her outfit is unmistakably goth.  So, she's not a doll I'd be interested in adding to my collection.   I believe she's sold out already anyways, so it's just as well. ;-)

Tonner Doll

Emma Jean Singing the Blues (Deja Vu)

I've been looking into getting a Deja for a while, especially since I have the lovely Ma Petite Rose ensemble, and no one to wear it properly (Snow White Disney Store classic doll is currently wearing it; she's the only gal around here that it could snap up the back on, and didn't wash her out).  Singing the Blues' outfit is to die for, but I'm not crazy about this girl's face.  I love her hair, but her red lips are a little too pouty and full for my taste, and paired with the heavily lidded and made up eyes, it makes her look....well, sultry.  I don't like it.  I'm well aware that the Deja mold already has a pouty lip, but this doll makes it go way too far.  It might be the color of her lips.  It also could be the angle at which the stock photos are taken.  I don't know.  But I don't think I'll be rushing to add this gal to my collection.  Her outfit?  Well, I most definitely want that in my collection at some point.

Hurry if you want to add Ello or Emma Jean to your collections, as it is limited to one per customer for the first 24 hours, and then after that it's anyone's game.  Evie is already sold out.  I should probably be glad I didn't fall head over heels for any of these gals; since I don't exactly have the cash to spend at the moment.  ;-). I'd love to hear if any of you ordered one of the West Coast Event exclusives.  Let me know in the comments below; send pictures if you would like, and I would love to post them on here. :-)


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Excuses, excuses, excuses....

Ok, let's face it.  I've never been the best at doing actual reviews.  I do better with photo shoots and shorter reviews.  So, that's what I am going to try. :-). I'm sure you guys are sick and tired of hearing me go "I'll get the Ginger review up soon", so I'm going to try doing a shorter little review of her, and then just stick with doing short little reviews and doll photos.  Hope that's ok with you guys!! :-)