Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hello all!!

Hello, everyone.  I'm Jan (my screen name).  I've been collecting dolls for quite a while now, and though my collection doesn't rival a lot of people's, it is getting rather large.  As in, whenever I get a new doll, my parents are like "Another doll?"  I don't neglect any of the dolls in my collection though, and as long as I'm not overwhelmed by them, and still smile every time I look at one of them, I'm going to continue adding new girls to my collection.  I hope to have a 'doll room' to display my dolls when I'm out of college and on my own.  This will be a sort of review blog, sort of 'show-off-doll-collection blog', and sort of share doll news blog.  There may be gaps between my posting, since I can't particularly afford to buy dolls to review very regularly, but rest assured I wouldn't have forgotten the blog!!  I also will fill in the gaps with doll collecting news, such as new doll releases, and photos of my collection.  I mainly am actively collecting fashion dolls at the moment, such as Ellowyne Wilde, Tonner, or Poppy Parker.  However, I have a pretty big range in my collection, including American Girl (I adore the girls I have, although I no longer buy from them, after being irate with the BeForever fiasco....but that's a whole other post), Pinkie Cooper, Disney Store dolls, and some Barbies.  I do not stick to more high-end dolls, like Tonner, and although I adore them, I also enjoy collecting 'play dolls', like the Disney Store classic dolls.

The most important thing to me when I'm deciding whether to purchase a doll or not is the face.  You can still take beautiful photographs of not highly articulated dolls, though their poses can be somewhat limited, and you can always redress the doll.  (Don't get me wrong, I love highly articulated dolls quite a lot, but the face is more important to me than articulation.).  But the face....well, that's there to stay, unless you're a very talented repaint artist or an OOAK artist who knows how to swap heads with another doll.  And I am neither.  The hair is important too, but only if it's rooted.  If it's a wig, you can put another on her.  I adore doll clothes though.....there is such much variety and it is so fun to see the different clothes.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog.  I hope to get my first review (Ginger Jones, Pinkie Cooper's friend) up within the next week.  Thank you for reading!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, I'm glad you've begun a blog, and I plan to follow you. I don't have the words to blog, but I love to follow doll blogs, especially Ello. Good luck!
Lynnette in KS

Emily said...

It's so exciting to see a new blog right at the very beginning, Jan! Your site is beautiful and I look forward to seeing Miss Ginger Jones and everything else you have in store for us. :)

Jan said...

Squee, two comments!! Yay!!

Thank you, Lynette! :-). I'm pretty excited, heehee.

Thank you, Emily!! :-). The Ginger review is just about done. I'm hoping to have it up by Thursday. :D

MyLittleMegara said...

Hi, Jan! I agree with you on the BeForever thing... ughhhhhh I was this close to getting Kit and then BOOM now she's in a frilly dress. I mean, come on!!!!!!! HAVE THEY READ HER BOOKS???

Okay, end of rant.

In any event, welcome to the blogging world!


Jan said...

I couldn't agree more, MyLittleMegara!! Kit's collection was one of the ones that irked me the most. She is obviously a tomboy in the books, and yet they give her a frilly dress for a meet outfit. Whaaaa???? Plus, she has a few outfits that are very, very pink.

Anyways......if you were interested in getting Kit, the older Historical Character version of her can still be found on eBay sometimes for a reasonable price. :-). I always thought her sweater set was so cute.

Thank you for the welcome to blogging world!!


MyLittleMegara said...

Thanks, Jan... I was actually planning on tracking her down over the summer. When I was little, a lot of my friends had her and I was kinda jealous... but, then again, I had 6 others (now 7) so I never really thought about it. But when they redid her, I realized that I'd actually love Kit, especially a Pleasant Company version. :)